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May 18th, 2011

AMF 14H Maranda SN:1026 Making Sawdust May 18, 2011

Posted by Roger in AMF 14H Maranda SN1026, news

Was my last post really in December? Wow! Time flies regardless of whether one is having fun or not. Oh, yeah, I remember now. I was having problems inserting pictures, so I gave up posting for a while. I will try it again and see what happens.

Winter was not a productive time for Sawdust. However, spring is doing much better. I now have two fuselage sides and the metal for the windshield frame. Let’s see if I can get a picture inserted here.

Well, what about that! It worked!

Ok, so there is what I have accomplished so far this year. Both sides are in one piece, but only have their gussets on one side. I am now ready to glue the gussets to the other side of each fuselage side.

A bit of explanation about the picture: The fuselage side that is hanging up is the right side of the fuselage. The one sitting on the floor is the left side of the fuselage. The view is the outside of both sides.

If you look in toward the top of the left half of the picture you can see the right wing hanging from the cieling. There is just enough clearance between the garage door and the cieling to allow the wings to be hung there. However, the lights are positioned such that I cannot install the alerons and still hang the wings. I am going to have to look for a larger workshop pretty soon.

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