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January 29th, 2007

AMF-14H Maranda SN:1026 Construction Log

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The plans were purchased the summer of 2006.

The first batch of materials (Sitka Spruce) were ordered 12/6/2006 from Wicks Aircraft.

The wood arrived on 1/23/2007.

Construction began 1/26/2007:
Laying the rib stringers on the full sized rib pattern I found that there was a bend that was too sharp for the wood to negotiate without breaking. The first order of business was to select 28 stringers to be steamed and bent.

I boiled the leading ten inches of the stringers in water for about 15 minutes, then clamped thier leading 65mm to the kitchen table and clamped their trailing ends between a couple of 1 x 4 pieces of oak. The oak added sufficient weight to bend the stringers. The stringers were allowed to dry for several hours, then were transferred to the basement and reattached to a table there. They continued to dry over night and into the next day. The leading ends of these stringers are now very close to the shape needed for the top of the rib.

Next the nose blocks were cut. I cut 28 pieces from two 1/4 inch thick by 1 3/4 inch wide strips of spruce that were about five feet long each. There is about two feet of one strip left.

Next the tail blocks were cut. I cut 30 tail blocks from two 1/4 inch by 1 1/4 inch strips of spruce five feet long. The tail blocks are 100mm long each, so 30 of them used all of the designated spruce.

Not much getting done today due to the requirement to help my wife prepare for a party this evening. However, I did manage to get over to Menards and buy a partacle board shelf (3/4 x 12 x 96) to use for the rib jig. I also purchased a pull saw for cutting the rib pieces.

I cut the shelf down to five foot length, then sprayed the top with spray adhesive and attached the full size rib pattern to it. This will provide a good surface to build ribs on.

Didn’t get to work on the plane today.

Ordered T-88 adhesive from Wicks.

January 25th, 2007

The Skunkworks is Live!

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To help me keep track of the airplane project my Dad is working on, I setup this website. In addition, I’ll be posting some of my projects, and heck, if your last name is Carlson, create an account, and post your project!