Carlson Skunk Works

April 1st, 2016

Moving to a New Hanger

On the 1st of March (yep, It’s been a month already!) dad got a new hanger at the airport, and so Emmett (my son), dad and I went out and moved Sawdust to it’s new abode. Dad moved the airplane, Emmett pushed the engine stand, and I… ummm… well, I took some photos and provided moral support.




This hanger seems quite a bit cleaner, brighter, and maybe a touch bigger than the old one. It should also keep the wind, rain, dust and snow out better.

Anyways, that’s today’s update – he’s also been busy priming and painting the various empennage pieces, but I’ve been pretty focused on work, and buying a house to get too involved. Hopefully I’ll have more time to help this summer!