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March 6th, 2019

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Well! It has been a long time since I had a chance to post my progress, so this could get to be a bit on the long side. Progress has been made, but it has been smaller things that don’t show much. The instrument panel is basically finished. The firewall is complete and in place. The rudder pedals are in place and working. And the steps have been finished and are in place. The next thing is to run the break lines and test them. The elevator trim mechanism is in progress and nearly done.

So, now for some of the pictures:

The first thing I had to do was drill the holes through the firewall so they would all line up correctly.

Then I positioned the FiberFrax and clamped it between the front bulkhead and the firewall.


Then I started putting things back in place FOR THE LAST TIME!!!!

The master solenoid, battery, gascolator, and voltage regulator are in place.

The next thing to work on is the rudder pedals and breaks.

Here is how I set the rudder clearances.

This mechanism allows me to adjust the rudder so it won’t even think about bumping into the elevator.

The last thing I have been working on are the steps. I ran into a number of problems with this, but have them all worked out now.

The rubber step grips are from Harbor Freight and sell for less than $3.00 each.

And there is where things stand right now. Should the weather warm up a bit I will be working on running the break lines.


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