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January 3rd, 2012

Maranda 14H – Sawdust SN1026 January 3, 2012

Posted by Roger in AMF 14H Maranda SN1026, news

Well, it is the new year and I really don’t have much progress to report. The fuselage is done and ready for landing gear and controls. The limited time that I have to work on the plane are focusing on the landing gear and on the horizontal tail surfaces. The landing gear parts are being cut and prepared for welding in the garage on nice days. The horizontal tail surfaces are being worked on in the basement when the garage is too cold and time allows.

Unfortunately, my wife broke her leg just before Thanksgiving, so I have been doing more of the housework and helping her to behave herself so that she heals faster.

Thanksgiving was nice. I learned to roast a turkey in the oven. I also made a pumpkin pie. I got the recipe from That is a great site to get simple to follow recipes and cooking instructions. It tends to be geared toward guys.

For Christmas our oldest son and his girlfriend invited us to join them at the southern end of the Baja. They were borrowing a house from a friend of theirs just south of Los Barriles which is on the Sea of Cortez side of the Baja. We were a bit concerned about my wife’s leg, but it really worked to our advantage. We were met at the bottom of the airplane stairs with a wheel chair and were taken around everyone else and were through customs in about two minutes. Well, maybe five minutes, but we were the first ones through. If you need to go through customs break a leg.

Well, it is time to get back to work. Hopefully some of it will be on the plane.

Have a Happy New Year!