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August 10th, 2009

AMF-14H Maranda SN:1026 Construction Log August 10, 2009

Posted by Roger in AMF 14H Maranda SN1026, news

Well it has been quite a while, but progress has been made. Jeremiah and I found some time to rip the strips required for the wing spars and plane them to size. Then I finished the spar table, covered it with parchment paper and drew out a front spar full size. Then I laid on some of the strips that we had cut and fastened wood positioning blocks to hold things in place.

I now have four of what I am calling “half spars”. The next step is to cut the 2mm plywood web strips.

I also ordered a formal Airplane Builder’s Log book which should be arriving any day now. It is coming USPS, so it could be a few more days.

The fitting of the web pieces is a bit confusing, so I called Jerry for some advice. He thought that my plan for fitting the web would work very well. I will add more detail of that step when I get to it. For now I have some pictures of the last

The half spar on the table. Note there is wax paper between the parchment paper and the pieces to be glued

The area where the strut will connect.

The area where the aleron cable pully will be attached.

Wing tip.

Wing root. This end attaches to the fuselage.

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