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January 13th, 2016

amf 14h maranda sn:1026 making sawdust january 13th, 2016

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Dad and I spent some time in the past few days working on the rudder. He showed me how he does his rib stitching, and made a couple of different needles for it using welding rod. He smushed one end with a hammer, then drilled a hole, and smoothed things out. He has a longer one (shown below) and a shorter one he just made which he said worked better.

Rib Stitching

He finished the rib stitching on the rudder while I was out and about, and I helped him get the reinforcing tape cut and in place. He also put some of the access hole reinforcing “things” (for lack of a better term) in place, and I cut out some cloth to cover them. I’ll try to post photos of that process in the next few days.


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